Live on: Aug 24, 2012.

Previous patch: .66b

Next patch: .69b

Patch notesEdit


  • Fixed a crash bug involving dropping a bunch of subspace projectors
  • Fixed an issue where giving ships that are at warp an attack command would cause them to remain at warp
  • Fixed a bug where the Contact button was not displaying when you are at war with an empire
  • Fixed a crash that was introduced to the requisition screen in the fleets screen
  • Fixed bug where empire bar wasn't handling input in the fleets screen
  • Fixed a crash bug that would result from destroying a ship with a planetary missile base
  • Fixed a bug where stored food and production weren't updating when you rushed production while paused
  • Fixed automation settings now save in your saved game and load properly from a save
  • Fixed some more bugs related to inappropriate warping behavior
  • Fixed a graphical problem with Titan class and other large capital ships spilling over the bounds of their selection windows
  • Fixed some rarer crash bugs that would occur if a RNG picked a value that was too high
  • Fixed planet list now sortable by population
  • Fixed the bug where planets would magically terraform sometimes when you colonized them
  • Fixed an issue where fleets were not saving and reloading correctly
  • Fixed a bug in pathfinding that would cause infinite recursion and a lockup
  • Fixed Pathfinding for real. It works perfectly now in all cases. Thanks to Mrs. StarDrive for helping me solve the logic on this one.


  • Changed ships that are dropping bombs to cease dropping bombs if and when ownership of a planet changes hands.
  • Changed Default Human Color to a lighter blue
  • Changed ship explosions to hit shields before hitting any internal ship components
  • Changed Biospheres and Aeroponics on the tech are switched
  • Changed Subspace projectors to be buildable by default
  • Changed Subspace Theory to provide "Subspace Inhibition", which prevents enemies from warping within your territory without an Open Borders treaty


  • Added some obvious buttons on the selected planet info UI element to Inspect the planet or to view the Invasion screen
  • Added right clicking a ship will now open the "Q" menu
  • Added a new red alert notification when hostile forces first enter one of your controlled systems
  • Added Empires now give opinions on other empires to you if you ask, instead of nothing.
  • Added ship status / orders to the selected ship info panel so you can see what your ships are up to
  • Added control clicking the up / down arrows in the colony screen moves item to top/bottom of queue, with appropriate tooltips
  • Added ability to delete subspace projectors before they are built, which will properly cancel construction. If a ship has already been built it will order that ship to scrap.
  • Added some optimizations for larger games
  • Added improvements to AI Colony Slider management to prevent waste and to help them research a bit faster
  • Added logic for AI to make a more balanced fleet
  • Added mandatory opening research paths for AI personalities to ensure that they get some good military units out the door earlier and to prevent fighter spam


  • Removed hide planets checkbox from planet screen