Released: 4 Sep 2012.

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Patch NotesEdit


  • Artifacts to the game.
  • Default Combat Behaviors button in the shipyard screen, allowing you to define the default combat behaviors on a per ship design level.
  • Electronic Counter Measure technology to provide a dodge chance for missiles facing point defense.
  • Hit points for missiles to spice up point defense technology choices.
  • Kulrathi Grenadier troop (still needs unique sounds).
  • Mass equal to the number of ship modules to all ships. This will slow every ship in the game down and help differentiate the performance of small versus large ships.
  • Mass to the ship stats panel in the shipyard.
  • Missile Armor technology provide increased hitpoints for missile weapons.
  • Planetary Mineral Richness Depletion. For every 500 production extracted from the planet, the richness rating decreases by .1. If production storage is at capacity, the penalty does not apply.
  • Pollops Skroderider troop (still needs unique sounds).
  • A mandatory minimum escort strength to invading AI fleets so that troop ships will not travel alone.
  • A new minor faction encounter.
  • A number of new features to the "Minor Faction Encounter" dialogs for more robust modding / development support.
  • A subtle system radius indicator and changed the location of the system name at certain zoom levels.
  • An improved Ship Group selection UI.
  • Extra waypoint indicators for ships that are in a fleet and trying to maintain formation.
  • Orders buttons to the ship UI.
  • Planetary specials support and 3 specials encounters. There is a 15% chance a planet will have a special, and then each special has a number of different outcomes when explored.
  • Some content to the in game help screen.


  • Diplomacy so that offers made by alluring or repulsive races have their values adjusted by their diplomatic bonus / penalty. Also applies Xeno Linguistics bonus.
  • Militaristic trait to give you two early military techs instead of experience. No experience system is actually in the game.
  • Missiles to have a larger hitbox so as to be easier to hit with PD.
  • Laser PD to fire more rapidly and increased its hit radius to be more effective.
  • The Hue of the ship UI and minimap UI.
  • The tax system and money generation to make more sense and to give player control.


  • Battle mode because it is rough around the edges and not ready for prime time.


  • Can select empty text entry area in race design screen.
  • Fleet Movement bugs introduced in .67b.
  • Planet Bombarding. Accidentally broke it for .67b, fixed now.
  • UI error with the selected ship info panel.
  • A bug where Point Defense turrets were not prioritizing missiles when their parent ship had a target. PD will always prioritize missiles first.
  • A bug where asking about a race's opinion of humans would give a blank response. They're Terrans!
  • A bug where enemy ship Point defense would only target player-fired (manual control) missiles.
  • A bug where fleets were auto-sorting incorrectly when they had only 3 ships in them.
  • A bug where ships were considering fewer potential targets then they should have.
  • A minor issue in the ship design screen where mousing over the "choose fighter" rectangle area even when the active module was not a hangar would screen input from reaching the design layer.
  • Bug / exploit where you can switch out a cheap design with a more expensive design of the same name and have all existing construction projects of the same name build the expensive design for the cheap design's cost.
  • Bug where deleting deep space construction would momentarily leave a "ghost."
  • Bug where selecting a fleet with only 1 ship in it would display two dialogs over each other.
  • Crash bug where you would have a troop selected, that troop would be destroyed, and the UI info element showing that troop's data would then get a null reference.
  • Crash that would result from selecting a ship that was bombarding a planet.
  • Issue in the shipyard where ship stats such as sublight speed and power drain at warp would not reflect the technological advances that would improve these figures.
  • Issue where Fleet Buttons were not drawing.
  • Issue where planet ownership changing hands would not change the color of the system.
  • Issue where the Colony Screen and Ground Combat screen did not match the tile placements - had my axis reversed.
  • Issue where you could build troops from other races. Other races can only build their troop types now.
  • Rename planet text area to work in the colony screen.
  • Ship overlays will no longer draw while looking at the ground combat screen.
  • Some issues with low resolutions in the ship design screen.
  • Some issues with text overflowing the active module info box in the design screen.
  • Text input handling to respect holding down the backspace key for faster deletion.
  • Whatever was wrong with .68 that made it crash. Just a bad upload or something..


  • All references and penalties related to pollution. Pollution as a game concept is deleted.
  • Text on colony screen saying that you could left click to drag a troop to a new spot. All tactical movements are in the combat screen.