Released: Nov 9, 2012.

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Patch NotesEdit


  • Applied .78 hotfix.
  • Repair drone module and functionality.
  • AI behavior for accepting peace to all AI personalities.
  • Number of opponents selector to galaxy creation options.
  • Some icons to the ship selection panel to show what cargo a ship has and what effects it is under (i.e. disabled, inhibited).
  • Ground troop icons to help them stand out from the background of the colony screen.
  • Ability to save Work In Progress ships before exiting the ship design screen.
  • New icons to the galaxy view to display planetary statuses.
  • New icons to the planet list view to display a planetary status.
  • System indicators to note when enemies were spotted there recently. Indicator persists behind fog of war until the system is re-updated.


  • Several outstanding issues with resupply bays.
  • A bug where AI invasion fleets were not attacking.
  • A bug where a single nuclear bomb was destroying a world's entire population.
  • A bug, discovered through the implementation of these icons, where ships were not having their cargo persist through a save.
  • Bug where you could right click a troop to launch it when it was in the same square as a building, and then the building would also receive the right click and ask you if you wanted to scrap it.
  • Issue where AI governors were able to immediately build new outposts when you destroyed an old one.


  • The shipyard screen so that invalid slots are always red, and so that the powered radius from a powerplant will blend on top of red / green squares.
  • Bomb behavior to have a 25% chance to definitely hit something, and a 75% chance to just hit a random square.
  • Doubled the reach of power conduits to inspire better ship design, which goes.
  • The presentation of buildings on the ground combat and colony screens with...
  • Power of explosion from power plants to be much larger.
  • Improvements to the defensive AI. Yet more to come.


  • The warp inhibition unlock item and replaced it with a Warp Inhibitor ship module.