Released: Dec 5, 2012

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Patch NotesEdit


  • Notifications for when two known races go to war.
  • Notifications for when two known races make peace.
  • A number of new Cruiser designs for Kulrathi, Opteris, Pollops.
  • Right click to exit research screen (did you know you can right click the techs for a popup?)
  • A "Relinquish Control" command to any ship that you are controlling.
  • A Monetary Cost to rushing production. Changed various tooltips to reflect this.
  • Foreground stars to provide a sense of depth.
  • More random nebulous stuff in the background. Please provide feedback on the new stars/nebulas.
  • 2 new ship modules, the internal bulkhead (1x1) and Reinforced Bulkhead (2x2). Both armors that are "I" only.
  • A number of new cruiser designs for all races.


  • An issue where certain personality types would not warn you if they were getting mad about your ships in their borders.
  • An issue where the AI was still getting angry at you for having ships in their borders even if you have an open borders treaty.
  • A small UI issue with shift click selecting the first fleet in your list even if you didn't click it.
  • Issue where the AI was researching secret technologies without the proper pre-reqs.
  • Issue where techs would overlap on the tech screen at low resolution when the secret techs are unlocked.
  • An issue where projectiles would sometimes miss an outer layer of armor only to hit something inside the ship. This occurred with fast projectiles that would move far enough in a single frame to miss the collision detection. Added a raytrace test for this scenario to ensure accuracy.
  • A crash that would happen if you killed 15 remnant ships in a single session.
  • A bug where the warning about running out of money would trigger incorrectly if you corrected the situation.
  • A bug where every race was getting a large boost to their colonist transport modifier.
  • Passenger icon indicator to show how many population units a cargo ship is carrying, and changed the tooltip to reflect the above changes.
  • ssue where your economy was in the green and a rebellion would occur anyway.
  • Issue where a combat building that was defeated while you were not viewing the combat would not be removed from the planet, resulting in multiple instances of the building sticking around at 0 health.
  • Issue with tooltips not displaying in the diplomacy screen if you had an item selected in the galaxy view before opening the screen.
  • Some crash issues related to being in the colony screen when the enemy captures your planet.
  • A bug where the AI were improperly holding off on clearing out systems they wanted to colonize when enemies were present; the AI should expand more aggressively now.
  • A similar bug where the AI were not exploring artifacts in systems with enemies due to incorrect calculations about how much force strength they had available.


  • Enhanced AI consideration of peace treaties to include more factors.
  • The Station hull to be a little more vulnerable, with fewer "I" slots.
  • The hitpoints of several weapons modules to have 100hp per module slot used.
  • Some issues with colonist transport. Each unit of colonists being transported equals .001 population units. So 100 units worth of passengers will get you a .1 population point. This improves the function of the various colonist transport modifiers.
  • Power penalty at warp from 3x to 2x, reduced power produced by power plants. Reduced power required for shields.
  • Moved Flak Turret 3x3 to base space weapons to encourage AI cruiser construction.