Released: Jan 11, 2013

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Patch NotesEdit


  • New Diplomacy Dialogs for every race regarding spying.
  • New behavior to AI to spy and counterspy.
  • New Notifications for all espionage actions.


  • Crash related to undo feature in shipyard.
  • A crash related to beams hitting asteroids.
  • Crash that would occur when loading a mod and then accessing the tech tree and other screens.
  • Issue with undo in shipyard where it would sometimes not replace a module that you removed.
  • A bug where freighters were not necessarily retaining their orders after loading a save.
  • An issue where you could change the orders of a freighter mid-transport, and it would not know what to do with the goods it was currently holding; it will now drop the goods off wherever it goes next.
  • Crash related to loading a saved fleet design with a troop shuttle in it.
  • Intertial damper to not work if unpowered.


  • Tweaked the AI to ensure that they warn the player about any border dispute before declaring war.
  • 2x2 shield power from 1250hp to 2500 hp.
  • Fighter shielding from 200hp to 500hp.
  • 3x3 shield recharge rate from 75hp/sec to 25 hp/sec.
  • Canopy shield recharge rate from 100 hp/sec to 35 hp/sec.
  • Many weapons to do slightly less damage while rebalancing their efficiency; both this and the shield change are meant to slow combat down by a noticeable amount.
  • The behavior of Dual Flak cannons; renaming them to Scatter Flak and providing some weapon behavior that has been available but not in the game for many revisions. This will give you some more options to play with in vanilla and in future mods..
  • Espionage to new system with Agents and Missions; see In Game Help for details.
  • Duplicitious trait to give +10 to all Espionage rolls; Changed Honest trait to -10 on Espionage rolls.
  • Freighter behavior to take a look at what other freighters are doing before picking a trade route; if another freighter will deliver enough food or production to cover a planet's needs, then the freighter will look for a different route so as to not double-deliver.
  • Freighter behavior so that the minimum load of food or production they will move is 10 units, rather than having them wait for a full hold.
  • Shipyard to display proper speed if engines are unpowered.
  • Shipyard to display proper mass if inertial dampers are unpowered.
  • Minimum mass of ship from # ship modules to # ship modules divided by two, increasing the potential effectiveness of inertial dampers.
  • The base mass of all ships to 1/2 ship size from 1x Ship size. Will generally increase maneuverability of all ships.


  • Ability to add troop shuttles to fleet designs.