Released: Feb 27, 2013

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Patch NotesEdit


  • A new Owner sort to the planet list.
  • A couple of planet filters to the planet list.
  • A Refit One or Refit All button to the refit interface.
  • A population column and sortable button to the empire overview screen.
  • You can now double click a fleet icon to snap to the fleet.
  • Some minor memory optimizations; replacing units with shorts or bytes where I can, changing a few fields from strings to enums where I can. Shaving it down ever so slightly.
  • The end-game stats to the victory screen.
  • Some clickable buttons to change between colonies in the colony screen.
  • Pollops transport ships.
  • You can now manually bombard enemy planets.


  • Issue where you could click a phantom automation options button.
  • Issue where I distributed a config file that sets your res to 1680x1050 by default.
  • An issue where a ship's destination was not mentioned in its status when "Moving to."
  • Inoperational repair drones.
  • A rare crash.
  • An issue where orbit orders could be waylaid by enemies.
  • An issue where Scrap and Refit orders could be overriden by the automatic freighters AI.
  • An issue where the AI was ordering ships to trade goods when it really meant to order them to transport passengers; this probably caused an overabundance of freighters to be built as soon by some folks in their recent games.
  • An issue where the AI would have a blank message if you hit a sweet spot in them not trusting you.
  • A crash in the shipyard related to the undo feature.
  • An issue where fighters launched from a carrier weren't getting a list of nearby allies for the Pack Mentality trait.
  • An issue where there were some invisible buttons on the planet info window that you could click; one would cause a crash.
  • A diplomacy issue where the AI would sometimes call the player to join a war against a defeated enemy.
  • An issue where the AI Governors would try to build more than one of buildings they should only build one of empire-wide.
  • An issue where an Ally could call you to war against their enemy; if you had a NAP with the enemy then you would anger your ally by accepting and breaking the NAP. Now you will not anger them.
  • Issue where bonus money from artifacts wasn't displaying in the economic overview or money readout on the top bar.
  • Empires to now use their racial freighters only.
  • Sssue where the ship module overlay would appear detatch from the ship while paused.
  • Similar issue where ships would sometimes not render if viewing while paused.
  • An issue where you could land multiple troops onto a single building.


  • Cloning centers to have twice the effect but to be unique; the AI was sometimes spazzing out and building too many and this just makes more sense.
  • Deep Core mines to 4x planetary richness / - 2 fertiltiy / 2 maintenance / Unique.