Released: Mar 4, 2013

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Patch NotesEdit


  • More options for giving multiple ships orders with the orders tab.
  • Ability to scuttle disabled ships / ships with no engines from the ship list.
  • A filter to the load designs menu in the shipyard for filtering out preset ships.
  • A Land All buttons for troops.
  • More performance optimizations by chopping off some unnecessary position calculations for off-screen combat. Should be most noticeable in big / late games.


  • An issue where a blank dialog was being delivered when an AI declares war on you for a border conflict.
  • The Cordrazine Colonizer design, which had a 2nd tier engine.
  • Missing Vulfen transports.
  • A bug where you could sometimes get the "contact leader" option for your own ships.
  • An issue where every race was using the human ship for construction ships; they'll now build their race-specific ship.


  • Fleets can now be ordered to take straight routes with the ALT- Right Click command.
  • Stations and platforms won't be added to your selected ship list when drawing a box around them.
  • Fleet movement handling so that you can shift-click to create waypoints and alt click to order a direct line movement.
  • You can no longer requisition ships in the fleet screen for designs you cannot build (i.e. if you had a prototype frigate that died, you can't requisition a new one until you have the tech).