Buildings are placed on squares in the Colony Screen and provide various bonuses and effects. Researching new technologies can unlock new buildings.

Building ListEdit

Food BuildingsEdit

Icon Building name Description Cost Maintenance Effect
Icon aerofarm 64x64 Aeroponic Farm Aeroponics is the use of a hydro-atomized spray to deliver nutrients to plants suspended in the air. This technique offers excellent plant growth and eliminates the need for soil while at the same time minimizing pathogen risks. 50 0.5 Credits per Turn  +1 Food Production on Planet
Icon biosphere 64x64 Biospheres Biospheres are special, highly adaptable living habitats. Biospheres may only be built on Inhabitable terrain; in doing so, the terrain becomes habitable. Economic buildings can thereafter be built underneath the biosphere. 50 0.1 Credits per Turn  +0.1 Max Population per Sphere; Enables building on this tile.
Icon xenofarm 64x64 Xeno Farm Xeno farms are large complexes dedicated to be successful integration of our farming and husbandry techniques with alien soils and nutrients. 75 0.5 Credits per Turn +0.5 Food per Turn per Assigned Colonist
Icon arcology 64x64
Vertical Farm This mega-structure employs advanced agricultural techniques and robotics to create massive quantities of food. 200 1 Credit per Turn +4 Food Production on Planet
Icon cloning center 64x64 Cloning Center Cloning Centers increase the population growth of a planet at a fixed rate. 75 2 Credits per Turn  +0.02 Population per Turn

Production BuildingsEdit

Icon Building name Description Cost Maintenance Effect
Icon roverbay 64x64 Rover Bay Manned and automated rovers provide indispensable labor savings to fledgling colonies. 25 .5 +1 Production Bonus on Planet
Icon warehouse 64x64 Warehouse A simple building with a simple purpose, the warehouse provides an environmentally controlled facility where food and production can be stored. 10 NA  +100 extra Storage room for Food and Production
Icon mine 64x64 Xeno Mine Xeno mines are the first real step towards exploiting a planet's mineral deposits 75 0.5 Credits per Turn +0.5 Production per Assigned  Colonist
Icon mine deepcore 64x64 Deep Core Mine Deep core mines are extremely effective at rapidly extracting minerals from deep within a planets core, but are environmentally disastrous. 100 2 Credits per Turn  +4 Production per Richness, -2 Fertility on Build

Research BuildingsEdit

Icon Building name Description Cost Maintenance Effect
Icon research station 64x64 Research Lab A dedicated research lab allows colonists to begin in earnest the study of their new home. 75 1 Credits per Turn  +1 Research on Planet
Icon hospital 64x64 Genetics Lab The output of the genetics research facility scales with the amount of colonists dedicated to the task. 125 0.5 Credits per Turn +0.5 Research per Assigned Colonist 

Money BuildingsEdit

Icon Building name Description Cost Maintenance Effect
Icon offices 64x64 Imperial Offices Imperial offices allow for the direct taxation of the citizenry. (Not modified by tax rates or buildings that modify tax incomes) 50 NA +0.25 Credits per Colonist per Turn
Icon banking center 64x64 Imperial Bank The imperial bank building increases the efficiency of your planetary tax operations. 50 NA +50% tax revenue from planet

Defense BuildingsEdit

Icon Building name Description Cost Maintenance Effect Combat Stats
Icon military outpost 64x64 Military Outpost This basic facility provides a barracks, armory, mess, firing range, and other facilities needed to train and equip infantry for ground combat. 25 NA Able to Produce Ground Troops Strength 20; Combat strength 15; Soft attack 30; Hard Attack 30
Icon gunemplacement 64x64 Gun Emplacement Gun emplacements fire standard flak rounds and provide significant defensive bonuses to a planet in two ways. 75 NA Deals 1 guaranteed DMG to each landing troop; Acts as a defensive unit in ground invasions Strength 15; Combat strength 15; Soft attack 20; Hard Attack 50
Icon missile 64x64 Missile Silo This missile silo fires long range guided anti-ship missiles for maximum planetary defense. 75 NA Every 2 seconds fires a missile at enemy ship, orbiting planet. Missile range 6000, damage 750  Strength 5; Combat strength 5; Soft attack 20; Hard Attack 20
Icon ioncannon 64x64 Ion Cannon The ion defense cannon is an extremely effective planetary defense weapon. It fires highly ionized EM pulse rounds that can both damage and disable targeted ships. 75 NA Every 1.5 seconds fires a EMP projectile at enemy ship, orbiting planet. Canon range 4800; damage 125 (normal, EMP and power) Strength 5; Combat strength 5; Soft attack 20; Hard Attack 20 
Icon pshield small 64x64 Colony Shielding This building adds a small amount of defense versus orbital bombardments. It is also fortified in the event of a planetary assault. 50 0.5 Credits per Turn  50 Planetary Shielding  Strength 5; Combat strength 5
Icon shield 64x64 Planetary Shield This massive installation projects an incredibly large energy shield into the upper atmosphere of a planet and provides substantial protection against planetary bombardments. 150  3 Credits per Turn  500 Planetary Shielding Strength 5; Combat strength 5

Special BuildingsEdit

Icon Building name Description Cost Maintenance Effect
Icon megacity 64x64 Capital The Capital City is a unique building that provides research while improving industrial and agricultural capacity. Capital Cities also provide excellent self defense and can withstand a sustained siege by determined opponents. Finally, Capital cities allow you to recruit basic infantry units. NA NA 0.5 Research per Assigned Colonist; added 200 storage; allows building infantry; is attack building; Combat strength 25, Attack 50, Defense 40
Icon biosphere 64x64 Outpost An Outpost building is the humble first step in a civilization's efforts to colonize a new world. Outposts provide for a base level of agricultural, industrial, and scientific capacity. When built on a barren planet, it is critical for an outpost to be supplemented with an aeroponic farm. Outposts are also capable of rudimentary self-defense in case of invasion. 50 NA

0.25 Research per Assigned Colonist; added 30 storage; is attack building; Combat strength 15, Soft attack 50, Hard attack 20; Defense 20 

Icon spaceport 64x64 Space Port A space port connects to the orbital star base above and allows for the construction of ships here using materials produced on the planet 50 1 Credit per Turn +50% tax revenues; allows ship construction
Icon rda 64x64 Remnant Detection Array Our scientists believe that this building will allow us to detect the origin of the signal that controls the Remnant drones in our galaxy. 750  2 Credits per Turn  Points to the origin of the Remnant signal
Icon tracking station 64x64 Tracking Station These massive subspace telescopes greatly increase a colony's default sensor range. 100 2 Credits per Turn Doubles colony sensors range
Icon terraformer 64x64 Terraformer These machines , while expensive to maintain, will tirelessly transform barren hunks of rock into livable worlds with breathable atmospheres. (This building does not need to be built under a biosphere.) 75 2 Credits per Turn Terraforming mechanics
Station blue res Station Orbits construction planet boosting ship production 300 3.1 Credits per Turn +0.25 Ship Production

Deep Space BuildingsEdit

In order to build a deep space station you have to place it on the galaxy screen - you could "Orbit" it (by placing it inside the blue circle with orange borders, that appears near every planet) or just anywhere in space. After you have placed it, the building itself will be ordered at the nearest colony with spaceport on it. Note that it is possible for a 1.500-production worth station to be ordered at the colony with 5 production. Currently there is no other way to do it, however.

After the platform/station was built, it will be delivered to the destination via transport ship (while the ordered station is being build you will see that the colony, in fact, is making a transport ship rather than specific station)

At the moment there is only one unique deep space building - subspace projector. You cannot change its design nor see it.

All other deep space buildings are just pre-made ones, like ships, so their efficiency varies on your research.

You always could make you own platforms and stations via ship constructor screen and then place them in space.

List of pre-made platform/station designs:

Icon Building name Description Cost Effect
Station blue res Forward Base Space station, designed to act as forward base of operations: capable of defensing itself as well as provide supplies 967 Equipped with: 9 Flak turrets, 6 Vulcan PD, 5 Fabricators, 9 Ordnance Supply bays, 1 Small Marine Barracks
Terran platform res Laser Defense Platform Small battle platform, designed to provide minimal defense 64 Equipped with: 3 Laser Turrets, 3 Laser PD canons
Terran platform res Listening Post Small platform, equipped with sensors, designed to provide intel on its surroundings 14 Equipped with: subspace sensors. Provide map coverage in its radius (25.000 basic, improves via research)
Station blue res Resupply Station Space station, designed to provide supplies for nearby ships, as well as healing for stationed troops 1063 Equipped with: 8 Ordnance supply bays, 3 Fabricators, 8 Small Marine Barracks, 2 Assault Shuttle bays, 1 Sickbay
Terran platform res Subspace Projector Small platform, which acts as a "space highway" 30 Ships inside your influence does not spend energy while warping. (research could improve FTL-speed of ships, inside your influence area)