Colonies are central to StarDrive, they serve as your main source of income, facilities to produce things such as ships and help make up the territory of your empire.

Founding colonies - colonizationEdit

Colonies are founded through the use of Colony Ships (any ship equipped with a colonization module is a Colony Ship). A player can navigate to an explored planet on the galaxy screen or the Planet list and click the "colonize" button, this will send any available colony ships to colonize that planet, where they will be consumed. If no colony ship is available, one will automatically be built at your nearest colony with a Space Port.

Players may also elect to automate the colonization of new planets through the AI button on the minimap.

Managing colonies - the Colony ScreenEdit

The colony screen allows you to access the build queues for your colony. You may also modify the import and export settings for your trade goods, designate a governor, modify your labor allocation, and review your planet's terrain.

Terrain squares populate the grid in the center of the screen. This gives you an overview of the buildings at your colony, their output, and the troops available at your colony. From this screen you can click and drag buildings to an empty square on the map, then the building will be added to your production queue.

Biospheres are the only structure that can be built on an uninhabitable square. They grant a +.1 bonus to a colony's maximum population.


StarDrive - Colony Management

StarDrive - Colony Management