StarDrive Draylok Dialogue (and Music)

StarDrive Draylok Dialogue (and Music)

A Draylok sitting upon a holo-chair

Drayloks are a warp-capable species who evolved on the planet Drellock in the Drell system. Their Government is the Draylok Council.



Drayloks are around the same height and weight as that of a typical Human, and possess the same basic anatomical structure (bipedal; have two upper extremities ending in five-digit "hands", each with an opposable thumb) but the similarities end there. Drayloks exhibit reptilian features such as scaly flesh, two slits for nostrils, and a jaw full of ragged teeth twisted into a skull-like grin. Drayloks are a highly intelligent warp-capable race, and take pleasure in outsmarting members of races they view as inferior, such as the Vulfen.


Early Drayloks used their large black eyes to mesmerize their prey before attack. Modern Drayloks exhibit extreme duplicity, and are highly skilled in the arts of deception, making their spies and espionage capabilities par excellence. When communicating with alien races, Drayloks utilize devices called "holo-chairs" which cause them to appear visually different, in order to better allow them to manipulate others.


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Solar SystemEdit




  • Alluring: (+20) Diplomacy Modifier
  • Smart: (+35%) Research Modifier
  • Duplicitous: (+10) To All Agent Rolls

Ship HullsEdit

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

Advantages Disadvantages
(All Hulls Except Fighter's) Arms extending from hulls make these ships well armored and difficult to hit from the sides. Wide Hulls- Draylok ships present a large target from the front/rear sides, and the broad area requires more shielding for max protection
(Capital/Titan Only) Largest titan and overall hull in the game. "Sentinel" Large Ships- High upkeep costs make diverse fleets expensive to maintain
(Battleship Only) Up to 3 Canatopy shields could be mount in the centre of the ship, for 75 000 all-sides protection.

Military ShipsEdit


Unique TroopsEdit