A solid economy is a key to your empire's success. There are four primary resources in the game that serve as the basis of the economy: food, production, money, and research. These resources are generated by colonies (on suitable planets) and can be augmented by constructing certain buildings.

When colonizing new worlds, food and production (as well as colonists) have to be transported via freighters and transports in order to get your colony started. This type of support will be needed until the colony becomes well established.


Increasing the tax rate boosts credit income by turning a larger percentage of your production and research into credits, hence lowering production and research output. An interface showing your economic overview is viewable by clicking the coin symbol in the top left of the screen. Once opened, the tax rate slider will be visible along with three categories. Each category has a total and the net gain will be displayed in the bottom right of the tax screen.


The income category is split into two subcategories, Planetary Taxes and Bonus.

  • Planetary Taxes- Is directly effected by your tax rate slider.
  • Bonus - Only bonus in game at this time (1.09A) is the Ecstacy Crystal


The Costs category is split into two subcategories, Building Maintenance and Ship Maintenance.

  • Building Maintenance - This is the total cost to upkeep all buildings on all player owned planets.
  • Ship Maintenance - This is the total cost to upkeep all ships in player control. Each ship type has a different upkeep cost.


The Trade category is split into two subcategories, Mercantilism (Avg) and Trade Treaties

  • Mercantilism (Avg) - If you took the mercantilism trait or researched it in the socio-logistics tech tree then the supplies moved by your freighters between player controlled planets will net you income. The income varies depending on how many freighters you have transporting supplies thus the number represented here is the average income generated in the last few turns.
  • Trade Treaties - This is a trade agreement between the player and a friendly empire. (Refer to Trade section below for details)


Trade is based on imports and exports. Freighters carry these resources either to or from a particular world.

Advanced Trade Routes are custom routes for a freighter. Select the freighter and enter the advanced commands. Choose Area of Operations, then drag the box around the systems you want to designate the freighter to trade in.

Trade treaties with other races are also possible and can be negotiated through diplomacy. When you first start these trade routes you will lose (-3.0) credits a turn. For every turn the trade route is enacted the credits gained will raise (0.1), maxing out at a positive (+3.0) a turn. Certain technologies and racial traits can increase this amount.

Colony managementEdit

SD labor storage

Labor can be assigned in the colony overview screen. Sliders for food, production, and research dictate the resource focus of a particular world. Each world also has a finite storage of food and production. Deficits of food and/or production can be taken care of by choosing to import these resources. Likewise, surpluses of these resources can be exported to worlds in your empire that require them.

Colonies can be managed manually or they can be assigned AI governors. You can choose the AI governor based on the type of world you would like your planet to be. The governance types that can be assigned are industrial world, research world, agricultural world, military outpost, or core world. How the AI governors handle food, production, research, and infrastructure development differs depending on the governance type chosen.

Detailed Colony Formulas:

Food = (Population x Fertility) + Buildings() - Food Eaten()

Production = [(Population x Richness) + Buildings()] x Production Modifier - Tax() - Food Eaten()(if Cybernetic)

Research = Buildings() x Research Modifier - Tax()

Colony Income = [(Production Tax + Research Tax) x (Spaceport+ Imperial Bank Modifiers) + Imperial Offices] x Tax Modifier - Building Maintenance

AI Colony Governors Edit

Industrial worldEdit

Governor will focus entirely on maximizing production, importing food and exporting production. Labor focused entirely on industry.


Governor will build a dedicated research colony, relying on imports for food and production.

Agricultural worldEdit

Governor will build agricultural buildings, importing production and exporting food. Labor focused entirely on agriculture.

Military outpostEdit

Governor will build a limited infrastructure and focus instead on military production.

Core worldEdit

Governor will build a balanced world to stand at the core of your empire.