Fleets are ships that have been grouped together. Ships in a fleet can also be placed into custom formations for tactical purposes. Once created, fleets allow the player to organize and quickly deploy their forces for defensive or offensive purposes.

Creation, selection, and movementEdit

Fleets can be quickly created/assigned by box-selecting a group of ships and holding CTRL while pressing a number (0-9). They can then be selected by pressing the appropriate number.

Ships within a fleet will move together in formation if the right mouse button is held down while issuing a move order. Using a single right click to issue a move order will cause the ships to move at their best speed in order to reach their destination.

Fleet designEdit

The fleet design screen within StarDrive allows you choose the type (from the available designs that have been researched) and number of ships within a fleet.

FleetDesign 04

Once a ship design has been selected to be part of a fleet, it can be placed on the grid in any formation desired. The ships below are arranged in a diamond-like formation to the left of fleet center.

FleetDesign 05

After the ships have been arranged into the desired formation, the fleet composition and orientation can be saved for later use. Designs that have already been saved can be loaded in as well.

FleetDesign 01

Pressing "Requisition" will bring up the screen below and allow you to choose whether to assign ships that you have already built to your fleet or to simply build new ships that will automatically be assigned to your fleet.

FleetDesign 03