Gameplay Guides, general and race specific


This Guide section will treat the topic of race creation and go a bit more in depths about the racial traits (viability/synergy), and also give a short summery of the general direction your race will be going in the early stages of the game (production/science/money/warfare)

As I do not have enough time at the moment, I will add a guide I posted on the forums earlier today to help out newcomers in this game. Video tutorials will also be added within the next 7 days.

Production RacesEdit

The following race is about a high production value, getting a lot of its science from the vast amounts of colonies with scientific buildings, a good economy from the high amount of population from these early founded colonies and a strong military from the vast amounts of ships with the pack leader trait.

It is in my eyes the strongest race at the moment, due to food being non relevant it efficiently has, especially early game, a higher population, which can be used to produce/research more flexible.

A race I can really recommend for a beginner would be :


Effecient Metabolism (25% less food consumption)

Industrial (+35% industry)

Skilled engineers (+20% ship hp, unless you want to opt for Savage or Huge Homeworld)

Pack Mentality (-25% Damage for your ships +5% damage for your ships for every ship in the area(can't confirm the aoe) caps out at +50% damage making it a 25% boost total at 10+ ships)

Cybernetic (removes the need for food, population will eat production instead)


Repulsive (-20 Penality to diplomacy - I think you should get used to the 3 free points, since it won't matter in multiplayer and overall it does not really matter)

Blind (-20% Cannon damage)

Ponderous (Fighters take 25% more damage)

Polluted (Less fertility on Homeworld - No brainer if you are Cybernetic)

If you want to you can forgego pack/engineer for a huge homeworld for an even better starting planet, but that bonus will decline rapidly.

This is the first race I made on my first game, and nothing did beat it so far, maybe you can add less fertile for the bigger homeworld or try to get the ship +prod(prolly the stronger choice)

First steps. Pause the game, set your research (button in the far top left, you will see "choose" next to it) to:

1. Colonization/Industrial Foundations

2. Space Weapons/Missile Theory

3.Socio Logistics/Interstellar Governance

4. Starship Construction/Corvette hull

5. Colonization/Scientific Foundations

6. Colonization/Biospheres (just ignore the aeroponic tech and never build the building as you do not have any use for food.)

7. Xeno Mining

On the bottom right of your screen you see an AI tab, open it and set freighters/projectors to automatic until you got a grasp of the game, you can always change it back and do it manually, but getting a feel of the other aspects is more important, you can always switch back and do it yourself if you feel like you want to.

Taxes (to the right of where you set research) lower then to about 5% it is important early game that you update them to be as low as possible without having losses, if you got some savings don't be too scared to be negative at times

Go to Diplomacy and train a spy (train new center bottom) and set his activity to train, keep him training until you meet an ai, then build another one and train them in cycles, as the game progresses you might want more.

Shipyard: Load your scout design and refit it to: 2 warp engines, 2 nuclear reactors, cockpit and fill the rest with either fuel cells or ice conduits(recommended for non prod races as they only use 0,5 production instead of 1)

You also should have 3 ships, your flagship, a scout and a colony ship, refit your scout to the new design you just made, right click on it, other, refit.

Now double click your homeworld and and set it to 18 production, or as close as possible it might end up a tad higher since it is a slider, don't be lower though (18production is what you need if you fitted your scout with ice conduits instead of fuel cells) build 4-5 scouts , 2 colony ships and 2-3 ground troops (you can launch them by right clicking them on the grid) to investigate anomalies you will eventually find.

Unpause the game.

Manage the production of your homeworld, if nothing is being build, go for a higher research.

Put all your newly build scouts to either explore using the right click orders menu, or explore the worlds manually, Generally colonize everything which has a richness higher than 1.5 and population higher than 2 richness 3+ must be colonized on sight, regardless of population, you can increase the population cap/remove black tiles when you finished researching biospheres by building those.

If manually building, build some transport ships and set some to colonists, and add some AO's to them (the triangle pointing to the right, to the right of the status screen if you got a ship selected.)

On new worlds also always max production do not do any research whatsoever and build a warehouse -> rover bay to make them grow faster.

Build research labs/rover bays everywhere, you might want to scrap them lategame due to their maintenance, but they significantly increase your science output, also build the imperial offices on your homeworld as soon its done. in general build the economic buildings on every planet which already has a decent population, especially if there is nothing building at the moment.

Enjoy the game

This race opts for missile/beam builds, and is subject to changes/balancing fixes.