StarDrive Kulrathi Dialogue (and Music)

StarDrive Kulrathi Dialogue (and Music)

A Kulrathi ship captain.

Kulrathi are a warp-capable species whose home-world is the planet Tor, located in the Rathi system. The Kulrathi government is known as the "Kulrathi Shogunate".



Kulrathi are very large mammals similar in resemblance to the Earth mammals called "bears". Unlike their terran lookalikes, Kulrathi walk on two legs and have functional arms where bears would have forelegs. The paws of a Kulrathi allow them to grab objects, allthough they possess no opposable thumbs. The exact mechanism of said action is and stays an unsolved mystery for all alien starfarings races.

Kulrathi reproduce sexually, and have an average reproductive rate. The Kulrathi are of average intelligence, compareable to Humans. Kulrathi are very strong, heavy, and large in stature and their bodies are covered in blue-grey fur with reddish markings. They also possess natural sharp teeth and powerful claws.

Kulrathi are primarily carnivores.


Kulrathi value beauty and the arts, and poetry is considered to be a very noble pursuit in their culture. It is said that the former legendary Kulrathi leader, Kahless, was also a poet and that most, if not all, Kulrathi poetry is based on his works. Kulrathi enjoy simplicity and it is reflected in their architecture. Tor, the Kulrathi home-world, is spotted with elegant mega cities reaching toward the sky. These majestic mega cities were constructed vertically so as not to disturb the surrounding wilds. Many massive and dangerous beast still roam freely in the countryside. Kulrathi have long favored fine cuisine, but have a particular favor of raw fish. Ancient Kulrathi would indulge by fishing for salmon who swam upriver, whereas modern Kulrathi have turned sushi and sashimi into an art form.


The Kulrathi have a long and glorious history of military conflict with each other and with the wild beasts inhabiting their home-world of Tor. Many warrior castes will hunt massive dangerous beasts in pursuit of showing their honor and earning trophies. Kulrathi leaders are chosen by the people based on their ability and strength as a warrior. They are given the task of slaying a massive beast without the aid of weapons, just as their ancient leader Kahless did centuries before. Once they leave the city in pursuit of this task, they are forbidden to return until the chosen Kulrathi can present the guard with proof of the kill.

Solar SystemEdit

Rathi is the home solar system to the Kulrathi race. It is of average size and is comprised of three planets. They are listed in order of distance from their sun as follows: 

Planet Image Planet Name Description Planet Type
Kahless The Kulrathi named this hostile planet after their former legendary leader, in honor of his great strength Volcanic
Asteroid Belt An Asteroid Belt separates the solar systems sun and Kahless from the other planets Asteroid Belt
Tor The Kulrathi home-world of Tor displays a combination of higher technology and rustic simplicity. Its mega-cities reach towards the sky with massive, ornamented towers. Outside of these very vertical cities, the land remains quite wild. Many massive and dangerous beasts still roam freely in the countryside. The Warrior Castes hunt these beasts for honor and trophies. Terran
Bul The planet of Bul is a hostile planet of near-perpetual winter. The Kulrathi have long coveted this world, knowing that their thick fur and hearty dispositions would suit them well in such a harsh environment. Tundra



  • Militaristic: Begin with Military Outpost, Armor Theory and Corvette Hull Technologies
  • Skilled Engineers: (+20%) Module HP Modifier
  • Savage: (+30%) Ground Combat Modifier
  • Meticulous: (+25%) Tax Modifier
  • Prototype Flagship: Begin Game with One Advanced Prototype Flagship


  • Honest: (-10) To All Agent Roles

Ship HullsEdit

Advantages and Disadvantages Edit

Advantage Disadvantage
Hulls are triangular in shape, thicker toward the aft making the designs excellent for protecting reactors.

Weapon placement on triangular hulls can be problematic.

Average percantage of E slot is lower than most of other races. Their ship is slower than other races.

Great weapon placement options for their cruiser and battleship. 

Military ShipsEdit


(probably placeholders, the current models are copies of human freighters)

Unique TroopsEdit


  • The name "Kulrathi" is most likely a reference to the Kilrathi from the Wing Comander Series and the Bulrathi from Master of Orion 2 since they share strong similarities in name and are all anthropomorphised versions of animals on earth.
  • The name Kahless is the reference of the fictional characther "Kahless the Unforgettable from the Star Trek: TOS Tv show