StarDrive Opteris Dialogue (and Music)

StarDrive Opteris Dialogue (and Music)

An Opteris running a battle simulation using a holo-projector

The Opteris are a space-faring race made up of sentient machines resembling an insect-like form. The Opteris "hive-mind" is the collective-consciousness behind Opteris society. Due to this, they refer to themselves and their civilization simply as "Opteris", showing no individuality.



Opteris are of average size, and rather than being comprised of organic matter like Cordrazine or Pollops, they have metallic bodies constructed of a currently unknown alloy. Opteris have four eyes, four wings, and an anti-gravity system that allows them limited flight. They also possess short modular legs/limbs that allow them to manipulate their environment with extreme precision. Due to their cybernetic nature, Opteris do not require consumption of organic food to sustain themselves - instead, they feed on energy and (during creation of more Opteris) raw materials. They are also viewed as very efficient machines, requiring little energy to run and possesing excellent optical sensors.


The Opteris hive-mind is the collective consciousness behind every Opteris. Not much is known about the hive-mind other than its only goal is only to feed.


Little is known about Opteris biology before they became machines. The Opteris were a biological insect-like race, up until severely polluting their home-world of Zero, roughly 50,000 years ago. They found that the only way to survive extinction, was to transfer all consciousness into machines, resulting in the creation of the Opteris hive-mind. Their supplies severely limited by their small homeworld, the Opteris machines looked to the stars...



  • Cybernetic: Consume Production Instead of Food
  • Eagle-Eyed: (+20%) Cannon Damage Modifier
  • Industrious: (+35%) Production Modifier
  • Efficient Metabolism: (-25%) Consumption Modifier


  • Polluted Home-world: (-5%) Home-world Fertility Modifier
  • Repulsive: (-20) Diplomacy Modifier
  • Small Home-world (-25%) Home-world Max Population

Ship HullsEdit

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

Advantages Disadvantages

Opteris can grenerally fit more 2x2 weapons than other races. For instance, Corvettes can equip up to three 2x2 weapons, making a powerful, but weaker framed combat ship as compared to the Relyeh's one. Additionally, they are triangular, making it easier to hide and centralized reactors.

Maxiumizing DPS may lead to exposing weapons and important mods.

Opteris ships are relatively larger than average with high number of IO slots and the largest engine slots. However, their freighters are the smallest and have smaller engine slots.

Military ShipsEdit


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  • Opteris will show no mercy and always declare war on weak players.
  • Opteris are hated by many races from the start of the game, due to their Repulsive trait, which forces them to have a -20 starting relationship with all races.
  • The Opteris appear to be based on the Reapers from the Mass Effect series.