Researching technologies grants bonuses to your empire as well as making new buildings and ship hulls accessible. Planning out which technologies to research is often a key component to victory. They can be accessed by clicking on the beaker icon in the top left of the screen.


Researching new technologies is done by left clicking on a technology. All the research your colonies are generating will then be applied to the technology until it completes.

Technologies can also be right-clicked on to open up more information about what benefit they give you, whether it be an empire-wide bonus or a new building or module.

Clicking on a technology deeper into the research tree than you currently have access to will automatically queue research of all prior technology requirements. Using this method, you will not need to select a new research project until your selected technology and all prerequisites have been completed.

Technologies in StarDrive are divided into six primary research fields - colonization, energy, socio-logistics, physics, space weapons, and starship construction.


Research icon colonization

Colonization technologies increase food generation, enhance population growth, increase production, and allow for the construction of numerous buildings (such as planetary defense installations). Below is a list of techs that are within the colonization tech tree, the items that they unlock (if any), and their research cost.

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Icon Tech Prerequisites Unlocks Research icon
Aeroponics orig Aeroponics None Aeroponic Farm (Building)
Biospheres (Technology)
Biospheres orig Biospheres Aeroponics Biospheres (Building)
Xeno Farming (Technology)
XenoFarming orig Xeno Farming Biospheres Xeno Farm (Building)
Vertical Farming (Technology)
Vertical Farming orig Vertical Farming Xeno Farming Vertical Farm (Building)
Terraforming (Technology)
Terraforming orig Terraforming Vertical Farming Terraformer (Building) 4500
IndustrialFoundations orig Industrial Foundations None Rover Bay (Building)
Warehouse (Building)
Scientific Foundations (Technology)
Xeno Mining (Technology)
ScientificFoundations orig Scientific Foundations Industrial Foundations Research Lab (Building)
Xeno Genetics (Technology)
XenoGenetics Xeno Genetics Scientific Foundations Genetics Lab (Building)
Gain an empire-wide 25% bonus to population growth from increased lifespans (Bonus)
Rapid Cloning (Technology)
Genetic Manipulation (Technology)
Rapid Cloning Rapid Cloning Xeno Genetics Cloning Center (Building) 2500
Genetic Manipulation Genetic Manipulation Xeno Genetics Death Spore Deployment Bay (Module)
Gain a 25% super solider bonus to all troop strengths (Bonus)
Assimilation (Technology)
Assimilation Assimilation Genetic Manipulation Gain all of the positive genetic traits of any race conquered via ground invasion (Bonus)  4500
XenoMining Xeno Mining Industrial Foundations Xeno Mine (Building)
Deep Core Mining (Technology)
Deep Core Mining Deep Core Mining Xeno Mining Deep Core Mine (Building) 1500
Military Military Outpost None Military Outpost (Building)
Planetary Defense (Technology)
Ship Assault (Technology)
Planetary Defense Planetary Defense Military Outpost Gun Emplacement (Building)
Armor (Technology)
Armor Armor Planetary Defense Spider Tank (Ground Unit) 450
ShipboardAssault Ship Assault Military Outpost Assault Shuttle Bay (Module)
Barracks (Module)
Shipboard Medicine (Technology)
Shipboard Medicine Shipboard Medicine Ship Assault Sickbay (Module) 350


Research icon energy

Energy technologies allow the player to unlock a number of energy based weapons, shielding to defend their ships, and power cells. Below is a list of techs that are within the energy tech tree, the items that they unlock (if any), and their research cost.

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Icon Tech Prerequisites Unlocks Research icon
EnergyShielding Energy Shielding None 1KW Shield (Module)
Colony Shielding (Building)
Heavy Shielding (Technology)
Fighter Shields (Technology)
HeavyShields Heavy Shielding Energy Shielding 10KW Shield (Module)
Canopy Shielding (Technology)
CanopyShields Canopy Shielding Heavy Shielding Canopy Shield (Module)
Planetary Shielding (technology)
Planetary Shielding orig Planetary Shielding Canopy Shielding Planetary Shield (Building) 4500
Fighter Shields Fighter Shields Energy Shielding Fighter Shield (Module) 450
Energy Weapons Energy Weapons None PD Laser Cannon (Module)
Heavy-mount Laser Beam (Module)
Laser Beam Turret (Module)
Fusion Beams (Technology)
Energy Cannons (Technology)
Fusion Beam Fusion Beams Energy Weapons Fusion Beam Turret (Module)
Heavy-mount Fusion Beam (Module)
Phasors (Technology)
Thalaron Blaster (Technology)
Phasors Phasors Fusion Beams Light Phasor Array (Module)
Heavy-Mount Phasor Array (Module)
Phased Polaron Cannons (Technology)
Polaron Cannons Phased Polaron Cannons Phasors Polaron Cannon Turret (Module)
Twin Polaron Cannons (Module)
Disintegrator Array (Technology)
Disintegrator Array Disintegrator Ray Phased Polaron Cannons Disintegrator Array (Module) 6500
Thalaron Blaster Thalaron Blaster Fusion Beams Thalaron Blaster (Module) 450
Energy Cannons Energy Cannons Energy Weapons Heavy Laser Cannon (Module)
Heavy Laser Turret (Module)
Laser Turret (Module)
Disruptors (Technology)
Disruptors Disruptors Energy Cannons Disruptor Cannon Turret (Module)
Dual Disruptor Cannons (Module)
Photon Cannons (Technology)
Photon Cannons Photon Cannons Disruptors Photon Turret (Module)
Quantum Torpedo Cannon (Technology)
Quantum Torpedo Cannon Quantum Torpedo Cannon Photon Cannons Quantum Torpedo Cannon (Module) 4500
FuelCell1 Deuterium Power Cells None Gain an empire-wide 20% bonus to the amount of power that is stored in fuel cells (Bonus)
Iridium Power Cells (Technology)
FuelCell2 Iridium Power Cells Deuterium Power Cells Increase empire-wide bonus to fuel cell capacity to 50% (Bonus) 220


Research icon sociologistics

Socio-logistic technologies expand your empire's ability to generate money, enhance diplomacy, and augment espionage. Below is a list of techs that are within the socio-logistics tech tree, the items that they unlock (if any), and their research cost.

1-2013-04-08 00009

Icon Tech Prerequisites Unlocks Research icon
IS Government Interstellar Governance None Imperial Offices (Building)
Cryogenics (Technology)
Cryogenics Cryogenics Interstellar Governance Mercantilism (Technology)
Cryogenic Suspension - doubles the amount of colonists carried by passenger ships within your empire (Bonus)
Mercantilism Mercantilism Cryogenics Privatization (Technology)
Trade Tariff - earn 1 credit for every unit of Food or Production moved via transport within your empire (Bonus)
Privatization Privatization Mercantilism Centralized Banking (Technology)
Privatization - platform and Freighter maintenance is reduced by 50% (Bonus)
Centralized Banking Centralized Banking Privatization Imperial Bank (Building) 1500
Xeno Linguistics Xeno Linguistics None Xeno Computing (Technology)
Xeno Intelligence (Technology)
Alien Language Studies - unlocks the ability to understand truly foreign creatures that you might encounter (Bonus)
Xenolinguistic Nuance - 10% bonus to diplomatic efforts (Bonus)
Xeno Computing orig Xeno Computing Xeno Linguistics Xeno Compilers - 10% research bonus (Bonus) 550
Xeno Intelligence Xeno Intelligence Xeno Linguistics Spy Offense - 5 bonus to Offensive Agent rolls (Bonus)
Spy Defense - 10 bonus to Defensive Agent rolls (Bonus)
Fleet Supply Fleet Supply None Ordnance Supply Bay (Module)
Repair Drone Launcher (Module)
Ordnance Fabricator (Module)


Research icon physics

Technologies within the physics category increase ship travel speeds, ship maneuverability, and grant access to special weapons. Below is a list of techs that are within the physics tech tree, the items that they unlock (if any), and their research cost.

1-2013-04-08 00010

Icon Tech Prerequisites Unlocks Research icon
SubspaceTheory Subspace Theory None Subspace Communication (Technology)
Inertial Dampers (Technology)
SubspaceCommunication Subspace Communication Subspace Theory Subspace Sensors (Module)
Tracking Station (Building)
Tachyon Scanning (Technology)
Tachyon Scanning Tachyon Scanning Subspace Communication Tachyons - Doubles the range of all sensors (Bonus) 1500
InertialDampers Inertial Dampers Subspace Theory Inertial Damper (Module) 750
ReactionDrive Reaction Drive None Subspatial Dynamics (Technology)
Reaction Drive Upgrade - 20% faster sub-light speeds and maneuverability (Bonus)
SubspatialDynamics Subspatial Dynamics Reaction Drive Warp Inhibitor (Module)
Anti-Matter Reactor (Technology)
FTL Efficiency - The power penalty incurred by ships at warp is reduced by 20% (Bonus)
Slipstreams - Ships traveling within your own empire's borders gain 40% bonus to their FTL speeds (Bonus)
AntiMatter Anti-Matter Reactor Subspatial Dynamics Anti-Matter Reactor (Module) 3500
Ionic Weaponry Ionic Weaponry None Ion Beam Turret (Module)
Heavy-mount Ion Beam (Module)
Energy Siphon Beam (Technology)
Tractor Beam (Technology)
Siphon Beam Energy Siphon Beam Ionic Weaponry Siphon Beam Turret (Module)
Heavy Siphon Beam (Module)
EMP Cannons (Technology)
EMP Cannons EMP Cannons Energy Siphon Beam EMP Turret (Module)
Twin EMP Cannons (Module)
Ion Cannon (Building)
Tractor Beam Tractor Beam Ionic Weaponry Tractor Beam Turret (Module)
Heavy Tractor Beam (Module)

Space WeaponsEdit

Research icon spaceweapons

Space weapon technologies expand your ability to wreak destruction on your opponents. Below is a list of techs that are within the space weapons tech tree, the items that they unlock (if any), and their research cost.

1-2013-04-08 00011

Icon Tech Prerequisites Unlocks Research icon
Magnetic Artillery Magnetic Artillery None Railgun (Module)

Mass Driver (Module)
Plasma Vectoring (Technology)
Subspace Artillery (Technology)

Magnetic Artillery Plasma Vectoring Magnetic Artillery Plasma Thrower (Module)

Plasma Ordnance (Technology)

Plasma Ordnance Plasma Ordnance Plasma Vectoring Ordnance Effectiveness - 25% bigger explosive radius and 25% damage bonus to all Ordnance-based weapons (Bonus) 350
Subspace Artillery Subspace Artillery Magnetic Artillery Massive Cannon (Module)

Phased Ordnance (Technology)

Phased Ordnance Phased Ordnance Subspace Artillery Phased Ordnance - 50% shield penetration chance to projectiles fired from Ballistic Cannons (Bonus) 750
MissileTheory Missile Theory None Rocket Launcher (Module)

MRLS (Module)
Anti-Frigate Missiles (Technology)

Guided Missiles Anti-Frigate Missiles Missile Theory Missile Launcher (Module)

Missile Silo (Building)
Dual Missile Turret (Module)
Conventional Torpedoes (Technology)
ECM (Technology)

Torpedo Conventional Torpedoes Anti-Frigate Missiles Conventional Torpedo Tube (Module)

EMP Torpedoes (Technology)

EMPTorpedo EMP Torpedoes Conventional Torpedoes EMP Torpedo Tube (Module) 2250
Tech SW ecm ECM Anti-Frigate Missiles Missile Armor (Technology)
ECM Bonus - Grants Missile weapon a 25% chance to dodge intercepting fire (Bonus)
MissileArmor Missile Armor ECM Missile Armor  - increases Missile's hitpoints by 25% 450
Point Defense Point Defence None Fletchette AF Turret (Module)

Phalanx PD (Module)


Starship ConstructionEdit

Research icon starshipconstruction

Technologies pertaining to starship construction open up new ship hulls and armor modules. Below is a list of techs that are within the starship construction tech tree, the items that they unlock (if any), and their research cost.

1-2013-04-11 00001

Icon Tech Prerequisites Unlocks Research icon

Corvette Hull

None Corvette Hull (Hull) 
Fighter Engine (Module)
Frigate Construction (Technology)
Fighter Theory (Technology)
FrigateConstruction Frigate Construction Corvette Hull Frigate (Hull)
Bridge (Module)
Medium Warp Engine (Module)
Medium Engine (Module)
Combat Thruster (Module)
Combat Readiness (Technology)
Cruiser Construction (Technology)
CombatReadiness Combat Readiness Frigate Construction Small Armored Fuel Cell (Module)
Medium Fuel Cell (Module)
Integrated Systems (Technology)
Integrated Systems Integrated Systems Combat Readiness Combat Information Center (Module)
Main Engineering (Module)
Cruisers Cruiser Construction Frigate Construction Cruiser (Hull)
Capital Engine (Module)
Capital Warp Engine (Module)
Battleship Construction (Technology)
Battleships Battleship Construction Cruiser Construction Titan Construction (Technology) 3500
Titans Titan Construction Battleship Construction Titan (Hull)
Titan Engine (Module)
Titanic Warp Engine (Module)
FighterTheory Fighter Theory Heavy Fighter Hull Fighter Bay (Module)
Ace Training (Technology)
Ace Training1 Ace Training Fighter Theory Top Guns - all fighter class vessels receive 2 free experience levels (Bonus) 750
BattleRaiders Battle Raiders Ace Training Raider Bay (Module) 2250
Shipyards Shipyards None Shipyard (Building)
Medium Freighters (Technology)
MediumFreighters Medium Freighters Shipyards Large Freighters (Technology)
Medium Freighter (Hull)
LargeFreighters Large Freighters Medium Freighters Large Freighter (Hull)  450
ArmorTheory Armor Theory None Small Steel Armor (Module)
Medium Steel Armor (Module)
Large Steel Armor (Module)
Pulse Capacitors (Technology)
Advanced Materials (Technology)
Pulse Capacitors Pulse Capacitors Armor Theory Pulse Capacitor (Module)
Reactive Armor (Technology)
Reactive Armor Reactive Armor Pulse Capacitors Reactive Armor - increase armor resistance to explosive weapons by 25% (Bonus) 1500
Advanced Materials Advanced Materials Armor Theory Small Plasteel Armor (Module)
Medium Plasteel Armor (Module)
Large Plasteel Armor (Module)
Nanoweave Metallurgy (Technology)
Nanoweave Metallurgy Nanoweave Metallurgy Advanced Materials Armor Piercing (Technology)
Hull Strengthening - 10% hit point bonus to all ship modules (Bonus)
Armor Piercing Armor Piercing Nanoweave Metallurgy Armor Phasing (Technology)
Armor Piercing - ballistic and Missile weapons will pass through the first small-sized armor module encountered. The armor will take no damage (Bonus)
Armor Phasing Armor Phasing Armor Piercing Armor Phasing - ballistic and Missile weapons will pass through up to three slots worth of armor (Bonus) 2500
  • Note that different races have different space ship hulls. Some races do not have some hulls, but have others - i.e Vulfen have only Carrier, unlocked upon researching Cruiser Hull; in the meantime they have Type V, which is third fighter hull (Corvette)


Secret technologies are unlocked through battle with Remnant forces. It will unlock many new Remnant modules. Below is a list of techs that are within the secret tech tree, the items that they unlock (if any), and their research cost.

Icon Tech Prerequisites Unlocks Research icon
Remnant Studies orig Remnant Studies Reverse Engineering event Ancient Shield (Module)
Remnant Small Reactor (Module)
Remnant Small Fuel Cell (Module)
Remnant Computing (Technology)
Remnant Computing orig Remnant Computing Remnant Studies Triggers A Mysterious Signal event 1750
Owlwok Freedom Owlwok Freedom Owlwok Freedom Event Owlwok Liberator (Module) 1500