StarDrive Vulfen Dialogue (and Music)

StarDrive Vulfen Dialogue (and Music)

A Vulfen peering down a periscope

Vulfen are a species capable of faster-than-light travel, hailing from the planet of Vulfar in the Vater system. The singular form of Vulfen is "Vulfar". The Vulfen government is known as the "Vulfen Imperium".



Like Humans and the Kulrathi, Vulfen are a mammalian species. They resemble Earth wolves or bats, are bipedal, have four limbs, two eyes, two large ears and white fur covering their bodies. Vulfen, while possessing sharp teeth and lethal claws, are not particularly strong and have always relied more on sheer numbers and teamwork in a fight than on brute strength. Ancient Vulfen hunted in roaming packs, so the natural Vulfar instinct is to consume as much food as possible when available. This means Vulfen consume an inordinate amount of food for their size. Vulfen are not particularly intelligent for a starfaring species, and are often outsmarted by other races.


Vulfen are highly social creatures, and their society is centered around the pack mentality and an individual's place within it. Vulfen have a long standing history of military conflict, which includes a strong naval tradition. Vulfar shipwrights and engineers are of below average competence, producing shoddy parts which often malfunction, but their people make up for this by being extremely hard-working and generally industrious. Vulfen see their destiny as lying among the stars, and will not tolerate anything preventing them from achieving their goals.


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  • Fertile: (1%) Minimum Population Growth
  • Industrious: (+35%) Production Modifier
  • Militaristic: (Begin with Military Outpost, Armor theory and Corvette Hull Technologies)
  • Naval Tradition: (-35%) Ship Cost Modifier
  • Pack Mentality: Ships have a (25%) damage penalty, but gain (5%) damage for every nearby friendly ship up to maximum of (50%).


  • Haphazard Engineers: (-20%) HP Modifier
  • Dumb: (-35%) Research Modifier
  • Repulsive: (-20) Diplomacy Modifier

Ship hullsEdit

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

Advantage Disadvantage
Long, thin hulls make for harder targets Difficult to protect the sides(not the bow or aft) of the ship with armour. any external module on the xii for example, will not leave room for armour if it is more than 3 slots wide(You could cover the whole right side with armour, then reserve the left side only to guns and only have the armour side face the enemy)
Largest corvette in the game, the Type V is larger then most frigates. (Requires Frigate Tech) Type V cannot be launched from Raider Bay (Listed as Corvette but considered Frigate)
Great ships for broadside mounts and frontal assalt.

Military ShipsEdit


(probably placeholders, the current models are copies of human freighters)

Unique TroopsEdit